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Welcome to one of Maryland's fastest-growing Human Potential Services company, dedicated to unlocking success for individuals and businesses within communities using innovative, impactful and unique solutions.

The Power of Four


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Siphonofor is a collective. It was built upon the foundation of community: a shared vision, over thirty years of combined experience, and aligned values to provide tangible results for clients.

"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" is not a catchphrase: it is our mission.

Siphonofor recognizes the ongoing need to support historically excluded communities in real, impactful, and meaningful ways. Therefore, 10% of ALL purchases are allocated to the Siphonofor Scholarship Fund to help those who may not otherwise be able to afford the quality services they need to thrive. 💪🏽

We are proud to be BIPOC, LGBTQNIA2+, non-binary, and disability-owned.


siphonophore (noun)
si·pho·no·phore | \ sī-ˈfä-nə-ˌfȯr

any of an order (Siphonophora) of colonial, free-swimming or floating, marine hydrozoans (such as the Portuguese man-of-war) that are mostly delicate, transparent, and colored and have zooids possessing specialized functions (such as feeding or locomotion)

Siphonophorae are the largest known animals on earth growing up to 150 feet long. Yes, longer than a blue whale! 🐋 There are approximately 175 known species. The most commonly known species is the Portuguese Man O' War (pictured left). The ethos of Siphonofor is modeled off of the collaborative and symbiotic nature of the siphonophore. Each service it provides benefits the larger organism: our communities.

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I want to learn more about your federal retirement planning and coaching programs.

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